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In the Natural Contact excursion we will have the first visit to Isla Pajaros, it is a natural bird sanctuary where you can observe different species of birds, we will tour the whole island and we will explain all the details and the different species of birds that can be observed here.

The next point is called Boca del Drago, where you will find a small beach of very white sand, which will undoubtedly surprise you.

We will go to Playa las Estrellas or starfish beach, it should be noted that this beach is one of the favorite of tourists, where without doubt your photos will be spectacular, even if you add filters to the photos. Here you will find starfishes. At the same time, on the beach you will have options for bars and restaurants, you can have a Caribbean drink. The characteristic of this beach is that it is always quiet and has no waves.

For the return we will arrive to Isla Colón, this excursion leaves at 10 in the morning and returns at 3:30 in the afternoon.