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The EXUBERANCES tour from Isla Colón will leave at 10 in the morning to San Cristobal Island, where we will find the Dolphin Bay and we will see dolphins in their natural habitat.

After the Bay of the Dolphins we will pass to the next point called Cayo Coral. At this point we will take you to a very nice reef garden where we will snorkel in a very colorful place and have a lot of life. This place has an approximate depth of one and a half meters to approximately 2 meters.

At this point we have to recharge energy, that is why we are going to go through a restaurant that is on the sea and serve typical Caribbean dishes, we will make a quick first stop for you to order your lunch and then we will continue to Cayo Zapatilla.

Cayo Zapatilla is the strong point of this excursion, this is a small island which is surrounded by beach and white sand, which undoubtedly you will be surprised by its beauty. It should be noted that in this place you will not find houses, restaurants and much less infrastructure. The reason why nobody lives here is because it is considered a Marine National Park.

On the way back we will make our stop at the restaurant as your lunch will be ready. Remember that it is the option you requested when we made the first stop!

Once we are ready to leave, our next point will be called La Isla de los Perezosos, here we will visit Perezosos, which they will be in their natural habitat. We will find two types of sloths, one of two claws and three claws.

Our next point is called Hollywood, this is a place where we will observe starfish and our guides will give you the full explanation.